Switched to nVidia

“Now you’re playing with power”

Up until last Friday I had never owned an nVidia graphics card, never. It’s not that I was committed to ATI or anything, I just couldn’t afford to buy an nVidia before.

Well, the one I bought is a couple of years old, but to me it’s a lot better than what I had and I need the CUDA cores for video and 3D rendering.

Of course I also want to play and record games in 3D so that was goal number 1 after checking out how fast my video would render now and other general speed tests.

So nVidia has drivers included for 3D Vision which is their shutter glasses system but I have a passive polarized monitor so I wasn’t sure I could use the 3D Vision drivers.

When I switched from ATI to nVidia I lost my ability to use my Tridef 3D drivers until Tridef emailed me a new code so I was trying to get 3D Vision to work with my monitor when I came across blogs that showed how to trick the nVidia drivers into thinking your monitor or TV is a certain model Acer or Zalman monitor.

The Acer one did not work for my monitor so I tried the Zalman and sure enough, 3D Vision would play my games in 3D now!

I tried out Just Cause 2 first, why, I know what you’re thinking but I’ll resist the temptation to use that cliched joke.

The reason I chose JC2 is because it’s supposed to be a showcase game for nVidia.

Well, it was 3D, but it had strange looking artifacts around the edges of Rico, the main character in the game and the ground had sort of a checkerboard look to it sometimes, weird for a game that’s supposed to be a showcase!

On top of that the movement was stuttering like mad!

JC2 was great on my little ATI 6670 and Tridef 3D why would it be like this on my new “super card”?

When I got my Tridef code I tried JC2 and it crashed at startup when using the Tridef 3D drivers, hmm.

I guess the 3D Vision and Tridef don’t like to play nice together. I uninstalled 3D Vision and bing, JC2 was back to great 3D, but there was still that nasty stutter!

So I looked online and found that the nVidia cards have a power saving mode that keeps throttling the card’s speed up and down, causing stutter.

I turned off the power saving in the nVidia control panel and NOW JC2 is looking and running great!


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