PCs in Chaos – The return of The Chaos Engine

Today an Amiga classic, The Chaos Engine, returns!

TCEThe Chaos Engine appeared on the Commodore Amiga in the early 1990s and was such a hit that it was immediately ported to the Sega Genesis!

It probably wasn’t that hard to do since at the time Genesis games were often developed on Amiga computers because the Amiga and Genesis both had the same Motorola 68000 processor (or at least the same family of CPUs, the Amiga later had 68020, 68030, etc.).

One of the most innovative features of The Chaos Engine was the AI second player! If you didn’t have a buddy to help you through the game, the computer could control player 2 and it was pretty good at it too!

The game reminded me of the arcade game Gauntlet, overhead perspective, multiple players, mazes, monsters, treasure, keys, etc.

Funny thing was after The Chaos Engine came out on the Amiga, almost every game that had an overhead perspective was compared to The Chaos Engine!

The game controls have had an overhaul on the new PC version, on the Amiga you could hold down the joystick button (there was only 1 for many years) and move the stick around to fire in a circle. Only drawback to this was your character could not move while you were holding down the button, to move and fire you had to tap the button repeatedly like most arcade games.

You could also fire off special weapons by holding the button down and not moving, I think, I could never really figure out how those worked.

The Chaos Engine has been on PC before in a VGA DOS version but the music was pretty sad and there was no voice like the Amiga version had.

You can check out the Amiga version in action on my YouTube video:


The new version boasts better gamepad support, enhanced graphics, classic Amiga mode and maybe online multiplayer. I say maybe because the developers state that online multiplayer is going to be on the Steam version, but so far Steam is not listing this feature and GOG.com reported the game as having online MP but retracted the statement.


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