Heavy Barrel


It’s not heavy, it’s one of my arcade favorites and it needs a good dual stick remake!



Pictures from http://www.arcade-museum.com

Heavy Barrel in my opinion should be remade for use with xbox 360 / PS3/logitech dual stick controllers, if you have tried to play this on MAME you know how hard it is the aim your guy in the right direction using one key to turn counter-clockwise and another to turn clockwise!

I’ve played games like Commando 3 on PS3 which is very close to Heavy Barrel, but not quite close enough.

HB had a game mechanic where you collected keys from shooting the guys in red uniforms (lousy pinkos!) and using the keys on the metal lock boxes one finds throughout the game.

Inside the boxes you can find weapons, shields or a piece of the super weapon know as Heavy Barrel!

When you collect all the parts for HB you get to wield the titular (I know some of you just giggled there, stop it!) weapon and blow away everything you can for a few seconds!

HB can be built about 2 times per game!

The other gimmick to the arcade game was the dial joysticks, you could turn in all directions to fire your weapon or throw grenades by twisting the top of the stick and at the same time walk in a different direction.

I know, it seems commonplace now because of the dual stick controllers we have now, but it was really cool in the 80′s!



This site has some good pictures of the arcade cabinet, but the joysticks are not original, they should be yellow 360 degree dial sticks!

I saw a new game on Steam called Narco Terror I’ll probably try that out!

Until then, here’s hoping someone will make a great clone or remake!

Line Interlaced Polarized 3D Monitors

Despite the resolution loss I prefer line interlaced 3D monitors for a number of reasons


One reason is if I want to quickly view YouTube videos in 3D without putting them into fullscreen I can do that!

another thing I can do is preview videos I’m editing in Sony Vegas! I know, the loss of res is mainly felt to impact 3D computer and video game enjoyment, not video so those 2 points may not sell some people on the idea of polarized 3D monitors.

However, you have glasses that don’t need batteries, they are lightweight, don’t flicker and are cheap to replace, heck you can use the RealD glasses from the theatres on most polarized monitors!

Also, polarized 3D monitors are what the pros use when making 3D movies!

Line interlaced polarized 3D monitors don’t need drivers to view videos from YouTube or Sony Vegas or any video player that can play an interlaced 3D video.

I use Tridef 3D drivers for playing PC games in 3D and it came with a 3D movie player that can show side-by-side, over-under videos in line interlace!

And the Tridef player can play my old field sequential DVDs!

Sometime use KMPlayer (freeware) to play 3D videos.

I can use my PS3 to play 3D blurays or 3D games too!

These types of monitors are now about $180 for a 23 or 24 inch model and the 3D is like in the theater, games look great as long as the words or icons on the screen are large enough you probably won’t notice the res loss.

I’ve seen Visio 3D TVs at Walmart that are 32″, 42″ and 47″ line interlaced polarized type.VIZIO-E3D470VX

I’m happy I found this kind of monitor and will recommend them to anyone!