Game Design

In the mid 1980s to the early 1990s I dabbled in PC and Amiga game creation and even now I’ll get a bit of a bug to do some work with YoYoGame’s Game Maker.

I got pretty good back then, but couldn’t make good AI for enemy characters so I never released any thing as a finished product.

Since I’ve seen a lot of the history of gaming in general from Asteroids to Pacman. Sonic & Mario to Rachet & Clank and more modern games, I feel like I have a good overview of how games could/should be designed, but I don’t have the drive to do it myself anymore.

These days I stick to some video editing, art and also doing voices for games, animation and video projects.

I am thinking about making a non-3D video series on the subject of game design so if you are interested in my views check it out on my YouTube channel and keep your eye on this blog too!

Maybe you can be inspired by some of my musings and ideas!

You can pay me back by hiring me to do voices for your project!

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