DuckTales Remastered

It’s no’ Stereoscopic 3D lads, sorry!


DuckTales Remastered looks like it should be capable of 3D, but I tried it with the Tridef 3D driver yesterday and no joy!

Despite it’s non-stereoability, the game is a great remix of the old NES game! It feels very much like the same challenge as the original when I played it on medium difficulty.

If you lose all your lives you have to start the level all over from scratch and the enemies even re-spawn when you scroll the screen!  (Oldschool!)

DuckTalesRemastered3 DuckTalesRemastered2

There are a lot of cutscene type interactions between characters that kind of slow the game down, but you can skip them by pausing the game and selecting “skip cinematic”.

In the Amazon, for instance, Scrooge calls up Launchpad on a walkie-talkie almost every time he finds a special coin (you need to find all 8)!

The original voice actors do the voices including Alan Young (Scrooge McDuck) who is over 90 years old!

The musical scores are great and they are modern remakes of the original NES songs.

If you liked the original, you will like this one! If you haven’t played the original and you’re a fan of Disney cartoons then try it on “Easy”, there are checkpoints so you won’t have to restart the levels!


So get ready to step into the spats of Scrooge McDuck 15 years after he first appeared on the Nintendo Entertainment System!

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